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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Apple computers are the new hit of this year. They are more appealing to the eye, for you can get them in many different colors. In addition, they are as well, sapposedly easier to use, for new computer users. However, many people find it difficult for many of the programs are not convertable between Mac and Windows. Just recently I found out that Apple are going to be making computers that run Windows on their Apple computers. I think this is going to be a great new technological advance for it is pleasing to the eye, and much more easier to use, and able to convert between both types of computers!
Grey's Anatomy! What an amazing show! Not only is it taking over our hearts but it is taking over our airwaves. Now with all twelve episodes on DVD and available at Blockbuster and other video rental stores Grey's Anatomy is now available to all audiences that before it may have not been able to reach. It has educated many people on common medical procedures that many people who are not readily around medical information can learn more about. This show shows how adicited viewers can get to a television series. Many girls on my floor will plan their nights around what time Grey's Anatomy will come on, on Sunday nights. This is finally a tactic to get students to get their school work done before this show aires on Sunday nights. There are only a few more episodes this season so stay tuned to see how the season ends, and if you haven't seen the whole first and second seasons, I highly reccomend renting them or buying them this summer and watch all the episodes to be caught up by next season!

Friday, April 28, 2006

The is the best new invention ever. When my mom use to ask me to look up phone numbers when I was younger, I would immediately go to the phone and dial information. Over the past couple of years they have increased the charges so dramatically on information, that it is completely unallowed in my house to dial it. Looking up actual numbers int he yellow or white pages is such a pain. Now all you have to do is get on the computer and type in the name, city and state and the cloesest listing comes up. I love it, it is soo convienant!
Cell phones, a major part of my life. A major part of everyones life over the age of twelve. Although many people who concider them an obnoxious addition to daily life, it has really become a major necessity. The majority of the time, my cell phone has been my biggest savior. When someone is hurt, you dont have to run to the nearest phone, you can stay there and aid them but call for help at the same time, during a car accident or any other incident that may occur. They have come out with a new cell phone for younger kids, that have four bottons on it. You can program three important numbers such as both paretns and a emergency contact for your child be able to get a hold of, and in addition 911 programed as well in case of an emergency. I think these are great incentions. It is not as obnoxious to give a 8 year old a cell phone, but a more responisble way of keeping your child safe when he is at school, at a birthday party, or somewhere that they can not be in your company twnty four hours a day.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Ipods! What a fantastic creation. It is amazing that people can keep all of their photos, movies and songs all in their pocket in a small little contraption. They can listen to music when ever they would like and even sort through photos on the bus on the way to class, or more amazingly watch a movie through a long boring discusion. The only bad thing that I have come to see about Ipods is that is isolates our generation from one another. When you go to talk to someone on the bus, it takes a few minutes to get a response, a moment for them to realize you are talking to them, and then another to get them to take their head phones off. When we could be making friends, we are actually spending time alone with these small contraptions listening or watching movies and music. The most dangreous thing however, I was driving the other day through a neighborhood, and a little boy was walking slowly across the street not paying attention, no stop sign of anything, and I honked and he didn't even realize for his Ipod head phones where on. Ipods are incredible but it is changing our daily life as we know it.
Facebook, the center around all college kids lives. Or maybe now high school as well. Facebook started off as being an ingenious idea. When I got into IU last may, I was excited to get online and start viewing the people who would be living on my floor. I got in contact with my roomate and started making living arrangements for the following year. It was an incredible source that got you to meet new people from your college, and kept you in touch with your friends from high school that would be attending different colleges. Now however, it is source for stalking and a waste of time. Why do people need away messages on facebook. Its ridiculous! As well, now that all my high school friends younger than me can contact me I have to watch the photos I post and what comments people write on my wall. More amazingly somethign that college kids use for fun, and leisure is now being brought up when people go to get interviews for their jobs after college! It has gotten completely out of hand and sometimes I regret being apart of this online obsessed world, that people can not seperate from their every day lives!
Starbucks coffee is the key to my day. My whole day starts off by making time to stop at McNutt before my first class to be able to get some coffee. Who would have thought that fifteen years ago, that Starbucks would be on almost every street corner and be a huge asset to many peoples lives. They have drive throughs now which are absolutly incredible. When I am on a long drive and need a little boost of energy and know if I get out of my car there will be no getting back in, Starbucks drive throughs are my life saver. Also, who would know that some of them are open 24 hours and people can go there at all hours to get there work done. When I move out of the dorms, I know next year I will need some where to escape to, to be able to get some work done. Satbucks you seem to save my life in so many situations, THANK YOU!
It was just little 500! My first expierence here at IU and wow what an amazing one. Im not going to lie I had heard that about 40% of students get arrested that week, but thank god I made it out alive!!! However, I did hear that only 17 IU students got arrested this week and only 2 got arrested at the actual race. I heard the reason they made so few arrests is becasue Number 1 party schools in the nation are based upon arrests per year, and insince we are #4 this year, they wanted to bring down out party number, so they made fewer arrests. Anyways, this week was incredible. I hung out with my friends, took a little break from homework, and I am now getting my self ready to dive into finals!!! They are going to be soo horible.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

In since Tivo and other DVR recorders are becoming increasingly popular there are new types of marketing, becasue commercials are becoming none worthwhile. Now companies may by adds in a TV show to just get thier product name out there. For instance, I never knew that the episode of Sex in the City when Smith becomes the Absolute Hunk, was all written into the script becaseu Absolute Vodka paid Sex in the City to write that in. This was a very useful tactic for whenever I think of Absolute Vodka I always think of Smith and Sex in the City. This is how marketing is changing. Soon this is going to be how the entire industry works. I just hope that it does not completely change the Television shows to become completely induldged with consumer products as their main theme in their daily shows.
Tivo. The newest and best invention of the information age. I came home from school for a weekend and basically did not move the entire weekend. I was able to catch up on any old show that I was not able to watch becasue I had to study for a test. Now all I have to do is call home and have my mom tape the show and when I come home I am able to watch this show as well as fast forward through the commercials. In addition, On Demand is well fabulous. Coming home from school can tend to be boring, especially if your friends are not home as well. So I sat infront of my television, and watched the entire frist season of Enterage, a fabulous new T.V. show I could never get into, becasue it is always over the summer and I am never home. Now I am able to watch shows like that, and Sex in the City, when ever I want. Thank you information age for bringing Tivo and On Demand into my home!
I have just finished a project on sex offenders online. I never realized how subject children on the internet are to violation of their privacy. Children put their information on the internet voluntarily allowing many adults who are making these chidlren subject to sexual assualt. My group member and I created a fake screen name and a my space account for a 15 year old girl name LittleQtKt93. This account attracted many older men that were interested in our cute 15 year old girl. We signed onto a chat room and with in minutes of telling people that we were a "15/F/FL" we had about 15 men/boys trying to talk to us. Finally we snatched a man who was 25 years old. He would tell us things about how he wanted to meet Katie and other things, he was tyring to make an online relationship with this imaginery girl. While doing research for this project a women was reported saying, "the internet is a dangerous tool. By allowing your child to sit with the door closed in a room on the internet, you are allowing millions strangers into your home." This is so scary to think about. It is to the discretion of a young teenager to keep themselves safe over the internet. Before the information age of the internet, the one place you could count on your child being safe where in the walls of your own home, now today that may not be the case, anymore.

Monday, March 27, 2006

I have never realized how powerful a took the internet is, and how it has truely changed the lives of almost all the generations alive today. For instance, my mom use to tell me to look phone numbers up in the yellow pages when I was little instead of calling the information number that cost 75 cents every time you dialed it. This was horrible. The yellowpages book was so big and so heavy, it was like the dictionary of phone numbers. They should teach classes on how to use the yellow pages. One must know what category the place they are trying to find is under, and then look it up alphabetically. It is especially annoying when you dont know what category to look under, and on top of it, there may be numerous listings and one would have to know what city and road it was on to find the exact listing they are looking for. Somethign as simple as the yellow pages has been made into a user friendly tool by the internet. Now all one must know to find the listing they are looking for, is the name or category it may be under, the state and the city it would be located in. Then vola! the top searches that match the criteria you plugged in pops up, and this may be at the most possibly fifteen listings not thousands and thousands. Now when my mom asks me not to use the information number that now costs about $1.50, I am happy to get on the internet and go to and look up the number or location of the listing we are looking for!
I am doing a project for my telecommunications class on sex offenders. It has just come to my realization that the accesabilty is at the tip of our countries fingers to find out if and what sex offenders live in their neighborhood. It is as simple as getting on the internet and searching on the millions of sex offenders web sites. Sex offenders depending on their state laws and their convictions are now required to add their name to their states sex offenders list that the entire world has access to. Although this is very convienent for the safety of our children, it has become very controversal for the lives of these sex offenders. These people have little to no privavcy and it makes it very hard for these people to change thier lives around, becasue they are branded by this list. Our country has weighed its options though, and I am glad that they have chosen to not keep our citizens in the dark, for maybe we would never know that one of our next door neighbors is a convicted sex offender.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Well I just got home from Mexico this Saturday and never realized how informationally advanced our country is. When I was at the Detroit airpot they got me through the line with in like 5 minutes by printing my boarding pass over the computer. However, when I was coming home from Mexico it took them about a half hour for each set of people because nothign they did was on the computer and they had to look up eveything and write eveything out by hand. Not until this past week have I truely appreciated how technology has affected information and how much easier our lives our because of it compared to other countries.

Monday, February 27, 2006

I never truely realized how eveything in my life contains some sort of information. The radio channel I listen to on my way to school, or the T.V program I watch before I go to sleep at night. Eveything I encounter in my life contains some sort of information. You never quite realize it until you truely think about it.